Walker Army Air Field

In the early to mid-1940's, Kansas quickly became a state full of military airports.  The 462nd chose Walker Army Air Field as their place to train.  It was the last of the four 58th Bomb Wing air fields built for use in the B-29 program.  The men were drilled seven days a week on a whole array of topics, including: radio procedures, distress calls, oxygen system, squadron school, meteorology, and many others.  As fall turned into winter, and the B-29s were still not coming off the assembly lines quickly enough, the whole state got swept up in the "Battle of Kansas", a gauntlet thrown down by General Arnold to get these machines finished and on their way to combat.

As winter turned into spring, the crews manned their planes and headed to India following a long route across the Northeast US, the Maritime provinces, the Atlantic, northern Africa and India itself.  The majority of men had already departed by train for one of the coasts in order to board their troopship for the long voyage to Bombay (present day Mumbai), India.

Then...it got interesting.